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I bought the unit with the hope and trust in all, construction management, their support for the documentation by Japanese staff. I look forward to the completion of the building.(50years old/ H.Y / annual income: JPY7M / employee)
The market of the country such as the Philippines and Malaysia growing up the population of labor force is an important factor the price of real property rises.(40years old/ T.K / annual income: JPY6.5M / employee)
The price of real properties in Malaysia are now less likely to buy up. The affordable price purchasing the unit was my conclusive decisive as my first investment in overseas real estate. (48years old/ I.H/ annual income: JPY9.5M/ corporate officer)
The price of real properties located center of the city such as Manila is high. Cebu is expected about the future. The project composed Japanese entity is different with the confidence and trust.(32years old/ O.N/ annual income: JPY5.5M/ government official)
The lacking of accommodation in Cebu seems followed. I am looking forward to stay this hotel and get profit from this investment.(63years old/ R.T/ annual income: JPY10M/ self-employed)
I was not familiar about the investment of condotel scheme. The more I know, the more I am convinced with the investment.(33years old/ S.I/ JPY5M/ employee)
Its expensive to buy new building in Japan. There is the only one choice to buy used units for the investment considering ROI. I was able to buy brand-new unit with affordable price when I turned my attention to overseas properties.(53years old/ S.T/ annual income: JPY7M/ employee)