There are many information that might let you enjoy Cebu more and more ! There are many information that might let you enjoy Cebu more and more !

You might feel “time fly is so fast!!”

water front hotel

There is the hotel in Cebu called “water front hotel” and it installed authorized casino. You can play about 80 of game table and 500 of slot machine. Casual cloth is prohibited to enter, so formal wear is required to enjoy it.

It is depend on your negotiation

Tricicle is the bike taxi which is attached side car by 100cc bike and used by local people. It does not have meter, so you need to tell the destination and negotiate the fare.

Let’s find favorite one!


Geepney is the most special bus in the Philippines. Each geepney have different color painting, so you can feel driver’s elaborated designs. It is also convenient to get off where you want.

You might be hungry to only look at it!


There is a street in the north-west of Fuente osmena and Robinson mall. We called this smoky street “Racian”, there are many charcoal grilling stands. In the evening, the street is crowded with people, smoke and full of vigor.

Guitar which can play every time

Guitar which can play every time

Philippine is also famous as guitar industries in the world. Almost all guitar is made in Mactan. Many kinds of guitar such as real classic guitar, fork guitar and mandarin are available. The price of them is around P1,000 to 2,000 that is cheaper one.

“sinulug” the festival from Latin

“sinulug” the festival from Latin

“sinulug ” is the most biggest festival in Cebu which is held every third week of Sunday on January. This carnival is to worship santo nino stature (young Christ) which Magellan gave to queen Fana when Magellan landed on Cebu island. Specially, grand Palade of sinulug is the most fantastic carnival. 50 teams that each team has about 100 members join it and start the dance contest in the main street. Thy will walk and dance about 5 km of distance. Colorful costume and fancy music reminds you the Latin taste even though you are in Asia.

Convenience store in Cebu

Sali-Sali store

If you want to buy something little, “Sali-Sali store” is the most convenience and suitable for you. The small store is crammed with many kinds of goods one by one, such as shampoo, soap, detergent, seasoning, snacks and cigarettes.

Ordinal snacks, but different taste「Banana Chips」

Ordinal snacks, but different taste「Banana Chips」

You cannot stop eating!! This is good for snacks and whoever can taste it. you can buy it in the local market, sm mall, supermarket and other souvenir shop.

“Taho” is the dessert tofu in Philippines

It is Philippine’s tohu but so sweet which is the different part from Japanese tofu. Scoop with spatula, put it in the paper cup, topped with tapioca and honey and taste it!

Variety of Steamd bread

Variety of Steamd bread

Puto is the rice cake that looks like steamed bread with colorful. Purple from ube, brown from chocolate, green from beans, and yellow from mango. That is the gift for birthday and Christmas.

Fast food in Philippines

Banana que

“Banana que” is the grilled banana and that is the famous snacks in the philipines. The combination of natural banana sweet and sugar sweet is marvelous and you can taste local snacks!!