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Terms and Conditions

We put the highest value on trust with you. We observe lows and other disciplines related to protection of personal information. In order to use and manage your personal information properly, we conduct and maintain below policy of personal information for protection.

1.standard statement

In order to conduct this policy, we establish the system and rules about handling the personal information in our office. Our all staff, which are board members, employee, temporary employee, part-time employee and dispatched worker and others who are involved as outsoaring absolutely understand this policy and we maintain and improve it to manage personal information properly.

2.proper management

  • a. We keep exact and latest personal information
  • b. In order to prevent losing, leaking, destroying and manipulating personal information, we conduct proper and safe management measure. We conduct necessary and correct step.

3.Specify the purpose of usage

  • We get your personal information appropriately and we specify how we use it when we get it or we post it on our home page.
  • b. When we get personal information indirectly, we post on the purpose of information usage on our homepage.

4.observance of the purpose of usage

  • a. We only use your personal information within the usage of purpose.
  • b. When we use personal information beyond the usage of purpose, we inform and confirm it to you before we use it.

5.Offer to the third party

We might offer your personal information to our group company, business partner and outsourcing company after undergoing the processes that is required by laws and other rules.

6.Require showing or correcting your personal information

When someone requires showing, correcting and suspending of the utilization of your personal information, we promptly conduct the measures in rational way after we confirm you this circumstances.

  • *We might change this policy that is posted on our homepage when we improve prevention of personal information or laws and other disciplines are changed. Therefore, kindly confirm our policy posted on our homepage periodically.

Enactment Date: April, 1, 2005
Company: I Land Inc.,
(Entities Handling Personal Information)