The history of Cebu The history of Cebu

Cebu was called “Sugbu” or “Zubu” before it Had been colonized by Spanish. Cebu was the trading port that marchants in China, Thai, east Indies and Arabia kingdom had visited.
April,7,1571, , Ferdinand Magellan, who was an explorer arrived at Cebu. King Humabon, who controlled Cebu at that time, welcomed Magellan well and converted to catholic togather with queen Juana and 400 of servants.

Magellan memorialized them, built the cross and gave santo nio, which is the scripture of young Christ. After that, Magellan was defeated and killed by Lapu-Lapu who was the head of Mactan Island, however, Legazpi and Urdaneta came to Cebu with Spanish army and started to immigrate on April, 28, 1565. They also built Santo Nio Curch, University of San Carlos and Coron Street. There were the first church, university and street in the Phillipines.

Cebu had been the capital in the Philippines during 6years after Spanish immigrated in Cebu. After Spanish–American War in 1898, American governments set up infrastructure during the under rule of America and Cebu have developed as the trade center. During World War 2, Cebu was the main army base of Japan, especially Antoanga and Babak was exposed by bomb.
The Philippine was independent from America in1946 and Cebu is now developing together with Manila. Today, cebu are thronged with people as one of the best beach resorts in the world.

Chronological table Chronological table

1521 Ferdinand Magellan arrived at Cebu after he finished to sail around the world. Monks who sailed with Magellan started and expanded the catholic for the first time in Philippines.
1569 Cebu was colonized by Spain for the first time in the Philippines
1898 Cebu declared independent from Spain, but USA colonized again by convention of Paris in1899
1901 Cebu became Municipality
1916 US congress admitted to self- government by law of jones.
1934 US congress admitted that Philippines would become independent after 10 years by low of tietings macsdacy. Philippines congress also admitted that law and Philippines became the space of self-government
1937 cebu became chartered city
1942 japanese army came to Cebu
1945 American army came to Cebu due to lose of Japanese army
1946 Cebu was completely became independent
1986 marcos government last 20years, but it was collapsed because of frustration of marcos government.
2008 Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is the president of phillipines
May,2010 the sons of corason Aquino, who collapsed marcos government peniga Aquino Ⅲ assume the 15th president of Philippines.