The charm of Cebu

Cebu is the resort paradise, only 4hour and half from japan

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Cebu island has slim shape and locate between two straits. The island connected east coat of middle of Cebu is Mactan resort. Mactan Island has international airport, Special Economic Zone, hotel and shopping mall, in the meantime, there is also beautiful resort and diving spot. Therefore, Mactan Island represents Cebu.
Cebu is surrounded uncountable small and beautiful islands. For instance, Olango Island Group, which is the desert island, became the one of the famous tourism area for tourists who wish for the adventure.
On the other hand, Cebu city, that forms the second biggest metropolitan area next to manila, has government organization, big shopping mall and houses and still keep developing.

“Cebu” is the global resort. Island has great nature such as white beach, warm climate. You will not have a seasonal allergy, and feel hospitality of Filipino. “Cebu” is the global resort. Island has great nature such as white beach, warm climate. You will not have a seasonal allergy, and feel hospitality of Filipino.

The resort in Cebu is one of the most attractive resort in the world. There are many facilities and accommodations such as condominiums and hotels and marine sports such as diving can be play through the year. There are also golf club, SPA, beauty salon, casino, restaurant bar and shopping mall. Cebu is comfortable land not only to play but also to live. The temperature is stable and warm through the year because of tropical climates. There is no pollen allergy at all, so some of Japanese came to cebu and stay longer when it is the pollen allergy season in japan. Many doctors in general hospital in the city have experience to study in US, therefore we can say the medical level in Cebu is high. There is also direct flights from Tokyo, japan to Cebu and it will take around 4hour and half. There are also many transit flights such as via manila, and adding the flights from Manila to Japan.

The economy of Cebu

Cebu is growing “furniture” and “IT” industries.
Because furniture production industries are growing, Cebu city is called ”capitol of furniture in the Philippines”. IT and software industries owing to Special Economy Zone also growing and Cebu is connecting with other IT city in the middle of the Philippines.

The traffic of Cebu

4hour and half from Narita to Cebu
Mactan international airport is the entrance of flights in Cebu. There is the direct flites from narita to cebu ant it takes about 4hour and half. There is also the flight from Cebu to manila, the capital of Philippines

people in Cebu

Mild people in Cebu
People who live in Cebu are called “Cebuanos”. They make the communities such as Spanish and Chinese and they are playing quite important roll at the economy field. The culture of Cebuano is quite comfortable and we can easily get along with them. They have the common feeling with mild Japanese

Language in Cebu

The language in Cebu that can communicate using English
The local language in Cebu is called Cebuano and 20 million people speak it at many islands around Cebu. But they also speak English and Tagarog daily, so we can communicate as English in daily life.